Michigan Backyard Paradise

To some, paradise is a far away place on a tropical island. For me it’s having my camera at my side in a field of beautiful wild flowers, and little or no noise from traffic or cell phones. The most fun part of enjoying nature is the process of trying to understand it. Knowing the names of all the common plants among us is not always common knowledge. If you are one of those people weeding the garden, wondering what it is you are pulling up, here is a great resource for you. Many of the plants listed here are typical back-yard "weeds".

It is fun to see how plants in the wild have been used by both people and animals for food and medicine, but keep in mind that this site is for identification purposes only. Many plants are poisonous and should not be ingested unless there is utmost certainty as to their identification. A very brief description is given for each entry.

Periodically the site will be updated with more photos and descriptions. If you want to contribute, submissions are always welcome. Any photos submitted, should include the scientific name, date and where it was taken. Feed-back is also much appreciated. I hope that you find this site to be enjoyable and helpful. If you see anything inaccurate, please let me know. — Lauren Kalmat